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good night quotes for facebook - Facebook Status

I pray that you all have a blessed night,and sleep with peace,and wake with love and happiness in your hearts. Good Night!!!

Dear Sleep, I’m sorry we broke up this morning. I miss you and I want you back…. Good Night everyone…

Night is made for rest not for text. Good night friends.

I don’t dream about you because i can never fall asleep thinking about you….Good night

Good night my friend.I wish you sweet dreams and peaceful night.

I like a drink, mate. I’ll have maybe 10 or 12 pints on a good night out.

Friendships love never cheat us. Good Night Friends.

My idea of a good night out is staying in.

No matter how far you are… you are always in my thoughts! Good night.

I can’t sleep without saying Good Night.

A night kiss brightens the day, & a good morning to start your day!

Sleep solves everything.Good Night

Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep. Good Night

It’s time to meet two old friends, Pillow and Blanket. They know me well and they can always make me feel better. So good Night, Friends!

Dear boys.. If she is wishing you…. good morning and good night Trust me guys… you really mean something to her…

Let this amazing night take you on a ride of beautiful dreams Wish you a Good Night.

Swèet Shona I faar 4rom you ßut my little hèart iz nèxt 2 you GooD Night G.

Shut your eyes and see the dream world again…Good Night

I am always with you…good night frnds.

I am always with you…good night