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For a father a phrase “love you” is not enough because his efforts to make our life easier are countless.

Father is another name of liar. Yes he is liar when he say no I am absolutely fine, I am not tired.

A person who have money but he cannot buy a single bottle of perfume just because to entertain his son is known as Father. He did many for us but we give little to our parents.

Get well soon my brother because I am unable to do you home work.

You never ever pay a single drop of sweat of your father.

I wish you will get the countless happiness in your life by serving the humans.

Happy Wedding anniversary! Don’t be an open secret.

You said your life is end without your lover but how you can forget the love of your parents and struggle of your parents which they still doing.

Spent your time with lots of fun, laughter and joy. Who knows tomorrow you will fell in love with someone or also a chances of marry with someone.

Love is precious if your love is your family.

Never let a person who is ready to marry with you after seeing you without makeup.

I fell in love with you because of the million things you never know you were doing.

Good luck and bad luck is not exist in this world. It’s just getting a result of our struggle. So, be confident and do whatever you want no one can stop you.

Friendship exist but real is rare.

What more can I say on your engagement…You both are made for each other.

Being crush of someone else is better than to be a stupid…oh I am talking about girlfriend.

We cannot change the past but we make our future bright. Hope for the best in future.

Two minutes silence for those students who said “everyone is fail in exams”.

Love your parents instead of love someone else. You can get benefit like you will die natural, you never commit a suicide.