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May this Ramadan is blissful and peaceful to you and your family.

Step on new roads that you can explore, achieve new heights … have a Happy New Year…

24 Hours Online!

Before talking, Please connect the tongue to the brain….

There is nothing like a mama hug. Happy mothers day to all

I die every day, every second without you, I Miss You.

Love is just love, it can never explain.

Life could be so wonderful if people would leave you alone.

A legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one.

Put that back! Can’t imagine why people would think kids could cause stress!

“You are my brother and I love you but you are a great big bag of dicks”

“No nation is perfect in World,it needs to be made perfect Happy Independence day.”

Apki Jevan main hamesha khusiyon ke rang barse, Happy Colorful HOLI..

Baat aakhon ki suno dil mein utar jaati hai.. Zubba ka kya kabhi bi mukkar jaati hai

God died for our sins, so if you don’t sin god died for nothing.

Hello Hello Hello Hello I think you are a dirty fallow”

Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep. Good Night

Good morning! There’s nothing like a hug to get you through the day.

A good day for me is a one with equal joys and sorrows.