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May dis New Year be an adventurous journey 4 u 2 explore new avenues & reach heights of the success.

Love iz blind b vry kind wen I KISS U please do not mind

Ab Khud say bhi milnay ko jee nai karta Bohat Bura Hoon logon say Suna ha main nay

Ramadan is the month of fasting and not feasting.

Latest research revealed that, Women ahve higher IQ as compared to Men.

You are in my mind, And in my heart, I miss u so much.

You were given this life, Because you were strong enough to live it.

I miss my childhood, I miss my school friends, I miss those beautiful vacation, But most of all, I miss you.

We are a nation, Built on harmony, development, Prosperity and peace, Achieving milestone for a better future, Happy independence day.

Hum na hoty to apko ghazal kon kehta, Ye to karishma ha hum pyar krny walon ka,

Swèet Shona I faar 4rom you ßut my little hèart iz nèxt 2 you GooD Night G.

Love is to love someone for who they are, Who they were and and who they will be.

I miss u MOM, Missing touches 2 my face with ur chapped palm. u are the greatest, Because u r my MOM.

Kiss is the first step how much i love u, How much i think about you, How much i miss you, and Show, that i trust u so much

My eyez detected My heart reacted Thousnd were rejected and Only u were selected. Bcoz I needed a monkey 4 an advertisement

Charhen gy jb pyary rang, ek meri dosti ka rng bhi charhana, Meeri dosti ka rng chamky ga hr dm tumhary sng, Wishing u a happy mastiful holi.

Decided to make a life altering decision today… When I think of it I’ll let you know

Sometimes u tell some1 2 never call u again.. then the phone rings & u hope it’s them.. It’s the most twisted logic of all time…!!