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At last got to know how to loose weight in 10 days :Just turn your head right then left and repeat whenever offered any food :) :)

People r like music some say the truth and rest,just noise.

My week is basically …Monday–>Monday#2–>Monday#3–>Monday#4–>Friday–>Saturday–>pre-Monday

Just about the time when you think you can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends.

Love thy neighbor. But don’t get caught.

Sending good, healthy vibes your way.

I love my father as the stars—he’s a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart.

We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Wishing you lots of love and happiness.

May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years…

I don’t have the prettiest face for you to see or the skinniest waist for you to hold. But I do have the biggest heart to love you with.

Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app, they’ll start using it.

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.

Facebook is like a jail. You have a profile picture, you sit around all day writing on walls, and you get poked by guys you don’t really know!

I love you and I don’t want to lose you. Because my life has been better since the day I found you.

Wishing you the very best for all the new ventures, that life has in store for you. Good luck!

True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.

For a lovely couple who shares a love as colorful as a rainbow and as deep as the ocean. Happy engagement! I am thrilled for you both!

My heart Stops when you look at me.

I am deeply saddened by the news of your loss. I pray that God will grant you the strength. My most sincere condolences.