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Here is an Easter time saving tip – don’t waste time coloring the eggs. It will make them easier to hide in the snow…

Friends don’t fight because their not very close best friends fight because their like sisters! The best proof of love is trust.

Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.

Just a quick note to say how happy we are for you. Wishing you a lifetime of joy, love, and happiness. Congratulations!

Someone once told me that if you hold a shell to your ear you can hear the ocean. If you hold a peanut shell to your ear, can you hear the circus ?

My Blessing, Congratulations and Good wishes. I wish you the best of everything for not only in EID-UL-Fitr but also all the years ahead.*EID MUBARAK

I’m a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I’m perfect.

One day you will want me and tell me sorry, but it’ll be too late.

To YOU On Boss’s Day. Here’s a WISH That today is FILLED with ALL the good THINGS You Deserve.

I eat cake every day because I know somewhere out there, it’s someone’s birthday and I need to show respect.

i am fool i am fool i am fool i am fool i am fool OK OK COOL I AGREE U R FOOL Control urself April fool wishes

A place where people, who know so little about anything, have so much to say about everything. so mad their blood is boiling so hot it could make the devil sweat.

Our Anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

Yes, I agree. Mums can find everything. Except for the ringing phone in their bags!

The world’s happiest couple never has the same character. They just have the best understanding of their difference.

Sorry about last night texts. My phone was drunk.

I never try to make anyone my best friend because I already have one and she is my sister.

Selfish People End Up Having Only Their Self.

When you’re in love, you expose yourself the possibility of being hurt by someone you truly trust.