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cute girls facebook comments status - Facebook Status

A boy commented on his Facebook status Happy New Year The girl wrote in comments Same to you The boy edited the status to – I love you!!!

Facebook is the red carpet for pretty girls who have no talent.

Little girls are just angels who haven’t yet spread their wings.

You don’t have to like me….I am not a facebook status.

God made dirt … God made guys so girls can flirt.

Love is cute when it’s new, but love is most beautiful when it last.

If money grew on trees, girls would be dating monkeys!

Facebook should have a limit on how many times a relationship status can be change … after 3 times it should be change default to UNSTABLE!

That awkward moment when you change your facebook status to ‘single’ and your ex likes it.

Your cute smile is all I need to battle all struggles in my life.

Hes foaming at the mouth!Mommy hes so cute

Today was a complete waste of a cute outfit.

Girls don’t dress for boys, they dress for

Thinks that Facebook should change the status question from “what’s on your mind?” to “what’s your problem today?”

For April Fools Day, I think Facebook should switch the search box and the status update box around. So people would post updates on who they stalk.

It’s quite scary really how horrible girls can be. Sometimes they’re just so spiteful and we’re all bitchy and hurt each other in the end.

Admit it, sometimes even when their crush does something really weird, it still looks cute for you.

Life would be perfect if some girls mute buttons, some types have buttons editing, bad weather had fast forward buttons, and good times had Pause buttons.

I have a soft spot for girls with dimples ;)

Accept my cute, little, beautiful, lovely, pure but heartfelt wish for you in this new year Wish you a Happy new year!