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busy status update on friday - Facebook Status

For April Fools Day, I think Facebook should switch the search box and the status update box around. So people would post updates on who they stalk.

Oh, it’s sunny outside. I better update my Facebook status for all of my friends that don’t have windows.

My greatest fear is that I will accidentally use the status update as the search bar.

How can a person be too busy? If a person truly loves you, they will find the time to spend with you.

I have no time to hate people,…who hate me…because, I’m always busy in loving people, who love me….

Keep it coming, keep me gainfully busy, keep it happening! Thank you for being my Boss.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.

Its normal to miss someone when you are alone and lonely….but missing someone when you are busy having fun is true affection.

Busy learning lullabies to sing my baby.

The busy man is never wise and the wise man is never busy.

Its very easy to say “Busy” when someone needs you, But its very painful to hear “Busy” when you need someone.

Busy Life Makes Prayers Harder, But Prayers Make A Hard And Busy Life Easier. So Keep Praying.

I know you are busy. it’s good to busy but do say hello once in a while.

My week is basically …Monday–>Monday#2–>Monday#3–>Monday#4–>Friday–>Saturday–>pre-Monday

During the day I keep myself busy and sometimes time passes. But at night, I really miss you.

I can’t hang out tomorrow I’m too busy doing nothing alone sorry.

Scratch here – ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ to reveal today’s status?

You don’t have to like me….I am not a facebook status.

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