‘Sad Facebook Status’

My sadness has become an addiction when I’m not sad, I feel lost.I start to panic trying to find my way back which leads me back to my original state,..

I hate you, when i realize you are not mine.

Even when you are gone, you are only one that I still want in my arms. You are the only one I think of all day long.

It’s okay to be a little Sad sometimes.

“Grief is not as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you.”

It’s sad to be happy alone.

When I cry no one cares, yet when the person next to me sheds one tear everyone trys to help

Tears are words the heart can’t express.

The past cannot hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.

Hiding your feelings is not the easy way out but sometimes it’s the only thing you can do.

Only you can put a smile on my face when i am sad.

My silence spoke a thousand words, but you never heard them…

I’m not somebody who will go out of my way to hurt somebody when i love them… I’m somebody who will go out of my way to get hurt for the people i love..

I’Ve Been Sad For Years. Don’T Tell Me It Gets Better.

You made me feel like you really love me. And then you just left like nothing ever mattered.

It is sad when the person who gave you the best memories become a memory.

Trying to hide your feelings and pretending like nothing’s wrong.

some people will only love you as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where their benefits stop.

Sometimes All You Need Is One Person Who Cares.

I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms :(