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GOD created man and then said “I can do better than that” and created woman.

Success doesn’t come to you, you have to make it happen yourself.

True love does not mean you wont break up or separate, true love means you will always find a way to get back to each other. .

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When a girl cries over a guy, she really loves him. When a guy cries over a girl, he will never love another girl like her.

Most people spend half of their life looking for a relationship and the second half wondering if that is the right one.

God puts people in your life for a reason and removes them from your life for a better reason.

If you cheat on someone who is willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of true loyalty.

Your smile looks adorable on you. You should wear it more often.

We spend most of our time talking about nothings mean so much more to me than so many somethings.

Love is a strange thing. It can make the weakest person strong and the strongest person weak.

Strength is not about how much you can handle before you break, it’s about how much you can handle after you break.

8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6,000,000,000+ people, and I am still SINGLE.

Forget what hurt you in the past but never forget what it taught you.

The hardest part about letting go is finally realizing that there wasn’t much left to hold on.

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people.

Sometimes, you end up losing yourself trying to hold onto someone who doesn’t care about losing you.

Find someone who wants to love you so much, the one who plans and imagines their future with you.

If you don’t understand my silence, then you don’t deserve my words.

Everything is going to be alright. May be not today but eventually.