‘Mothers Day Facebook Status’

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.

Today is a very special day… Happy Mother’s Day….Mummy

Mother are the best blessing from God.Happy Mothers Day

Nobody knows of the steps it takes/ nobody knows but mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter how many times we argue, how many times I don’t understand you, and how many times I get scolded by you, I still think that you are the best and will always be the greatest mom in the world.

Mothers are roses in the garden of life. Happy Mothers Day

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – LIFE!

It’s mother who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

You surely are to me, mom. Wishing you the best and happiest Mother’s Day!

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

I’ll always be grateful for what you did for me! Happy Mother’s Day!

I was always at peace because of the way my mom treated me.

Good daughters make good mothers. Happy Mothers Day

To me, you mean all of this and much more. I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Home is where your mum is. I love my Mommy.

Mom, you are the best. Happy Mother’s Day!

I believe in love at first sight… because i’ve been loving my mom ever since I opened my eyes…

Treat your mother with respect and your children will do the same for you.

It takes some one really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.