‘Hello Facebook Status’

One of the most telling things about a person is how they say hello, handshakes

Hello is about starting conversation and Bye is to end.

Hello again, everybody. It’s a bee-yooo-tiful day for baseball.

Hello my love. It’s getting cold on this island. I’m sad alone. I’m so sad on my own.

I have preached at funerals, and you see loved ones who didn’t even say hello to dear ones when they were alive. Give them hugs, kisses while they are alive and need it.

Hello, I’m still here.

Hello Hello Hello Hello I think you are a dirty fallow”

Being nice to everybody, saying hello to everyone in the room, signing every autograph; it was instilled in me at a very young age that this was what I was suppose to do. But I don’t think it helps at all. I see more people who are rude or arrogant being rewarded – but, this way, I can put my head on the pillow at night.

You’ve probably noticed how when someone says hello or smiles at you, your automatic reaction is to say hello or smile back.

Sometimes the smallest things in life are the hardest to do. Like clicking on his screen name and just saying HI!

For April Fools Day, I think Facebook should switch the search box and the status update box around. So people would post updates on who they stalk.

Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello i think you are a dirty fallow

Hello, headache! You are being uncooperative. Sorry but it is time for you to pack your bags. You have overstayed your welcome. Please LEAVE NOW! Goodbye!

i love how in scary movies, the person yells out, HELLO? As if the bad guy is gonna be like, YEAH, I’M IN THE KITCHEN! WANT A SANDWICH?

“A love story in six words: Hello. Goodbye. In between was marriage.”

You can make a million friends by a mere hello and a sweet smile. But lasting friendships are made by the sincerity of one hello and the honesty of one smile.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.

Sometimes u tell some1 2 never call u again.. then the phone rings & u hope it’s them.. It’s the most twisted logic of all time…!!

Salutations; it’s just my fancy way of saying hello or good morning.

Now a days people say I LOVE YOU just like they are saying HELLO.