‘Hello Facebook Status’

You can make a million friends by a mere hello and a sweet smile. But lasting friendships are made by the sincerity of one hello and the honesty of one smile.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.

Sometimes u tell some1 2 never call u again.. then the phone rings & u hope it’s them.. It’s the most twisted logic of all time…!!

Salutations; it’s just my fancy way of saying hello or good morning.

Now a days people say I LOVE YOU just like they are saying HELLO.

I know you are busy. it’s good to busy but do say hello once in a while.

Hello stress welcome to my life looks like you’ve made yourself quite comfortable.

Its time to say good night to facebook world and Hello dream world.

Hello, everyone. Look at your status, now back to mine, now back to yours, now back to mine. Sadly, yours isn’t mine. But if you stopped posting about other things and made this your status, yours could be like mine…

Every good bye makes the next hello closer.

A good-bye is never painful unless you’re never going to say hello again..

As you stopped to say hello, oh, you wished me well, you couldn’t tell that I’d been crying over you.

There is no harm in saying hello to strangers, because you never know when any stranger becomes your true friend.

Between hello and goodbye is I love you.

Like the ocean I wave. Hello and goodbye are the same, when I talk with my hand.

“If homosexuality is a disease, let’s all call in queer to work: “Hello. Can’t work today, still queer”

No one is born with self confidence. Self confidence is learned And Earned With Experience.

I like the word Hello than Bye because Hello is about starting conversation and Bye is to end

“There are a lot of people who that you may only nod to; it’s better to stop and say hello.”

Hello! I speak through my mind. I never mind what I speak.