‘Flirt Facebook Status’

YOU have no idea how fast my heart beats when I …… SEE YOU.

I have a big hug waiting for you anytime you need one.

You seems like an oxygen to me, without you its hard for me to breath :)

Heart changes, I know they do but this heart always belongs to You.

8 billion people in this world and I only want you.

It doesn’t require a special day to express how much I Love You. If every ordinary day is more than special when I am with you.

Every night I go home crying because I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see you again.

Honestly I have no idea how to live without you.

My heart is mine but whenever I argue with it about you, it takes your side.

if your crush isn’t me then sorry you are wrong ;)

God made mud … God made dirt … God made guys so girls can flirt.

Flirting is like a game of Chess. One wrong move ….. and you are married :)

Can i check ur pockets i think u stole my heart!

I used to be a terrible flirt. I am much better at it now.

If God ever created something more beautiful than you, he would have kept it for himself.

I can die happy now, because I have seen a piece of heaven.”Its U”

Far in distance, but near at heart, you’ll always be the angel of my heart.

I guess your name is Google. Because you have everything that I am searching for.

You know a girl is serious when they say your name in a text .

If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?