‘Facebook Love Status’

I can’t stop thinking about you and I don’t want to stop.

Love is to think about someone else more times in a day than you think about yourself.

The difference between like, love and in love is the same difference between for now, for a while and forever.

What you give from the heart, always comes back to the heart, for love always finds its way back home.

Love doesn’t need a reason. Pure love will come from the heart without reason and it’ll stay every season.

Love you 2day + Love you 2morrow = Love you 4ever

Don’t be afraid to give love more than you receive. Because love does not need to be equal or fair, it only needs to be true.

Love doesn’t need to be equal or be fair, it only needs to be real.

Love is when you fight to be with special someone even when everything and everybody is pulling you apart.

Once you care about a person, it’s impossible to be logical about them anymore.

Great love can make a weak man strong, true love can make brave man fall to his knees.

Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by heart.

Let the love in your heart be the light that guides you through your darkest moments.

Isn’t it strange how love can be the happiest thing ever, but also cause the most pain.

It’s not the one you love the longest, but the one you love deepest; that forever stays in your heart!

Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels.

After all of my mistakes, would you still love me?

All relationships have one law: Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you are there.

LOVE is the other name of respect. If you can’t respect your loved one then you don’t deserve to be loved.

What is the most peaceful romantic moment? Its when your lover is sleeping and you are watching her/his face with Love.