‘Facebook I Love You Quotes’

I love you beacuse you are awesome just like me.

Your love is my drug…I love you babe…

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.

I love you – I am at rest with you – I have come home.

i love you, and will love you until i die and i there’s a life after that, i’ll love you then..

I love you if you love me.

I have never thought that three words would change my life completely. I love you and I am ready to shout about it to everyone!

I fell in love with you because you loved me when i couldn’t love myself.

There are many ways to say I love you but not enough words to say how much.

When I dream, I dream of you. Maybe one day, dreams will come true. Because, I really love you.

I’m nutty bunny number two. I love me and I love you.

We are like a deck of cards; different colors and symbols but one cannot work without the whole set.

If You Love Someone Showing Them Is Better Then Telling Them. If You Stop Loving Someone Telling Them Is Better

When you really love someone does takes.Sometimes is let go, no matter the pain.

“I really just want to be the warm yellow light that pours all over everyone I love”

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me was finding you. I Love You.

If i did anything right in my life it was when i gave you my heart!

One of the most told lie is “I love you”.

I am nothing without you.I love you My Love

I’m not sure when it happened. I didn’t mean for it to, but somewhere along the way I fell in love with you.