‘Facebook Good Luck Messages’

I am pretty confident that you can make it.Good luck

Do your best and I hope you pass it Best luck on it!

“Lifting you up in my prayers during your treatments.”

The road is tough. But the driver is tougher. Good luck!

I wish that you’ll take this opportunity and succeed in everything you do. Good luck!

Luck brings in every other color in your life!Good luck

I believe in you! I know you’ll pass! Good luck!

Some are one lucky,some are born talented.You are both.Good Luck.

Good luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity.

I wanted to wish you good luck on finding you luck!

Wishing you good luck in what you have planned to do.

Luck is what you have left Over after you give 100 percent Good luck dear.

I wish you all the success today and always!

Somewhere between laughter without reason, silly arguments, and make fun of each other, I fell for you.

Sometimes in the day you want to grab a shot gun and shoot yourself in the middle of the head, I got news for you, good luck! :)

May you be successful, And be victorious. I want you to win. Do your best, And feel glorious!

Good luck is a residue of preparation.

I am thrilled to know that luck has finally found you. Warmest wishes my friend.

Waiting for the day when all those lucky pennies and four leaf clovers start working their magic.

Morning greetings doesn’t only mean saying good morning, it has a silent message saying: i remember you when i wake up! have a nice day!