‘Emotional Quotes For Facebook’

Are you one of those folks, who can’t stop themselves to express their emotions. Then here are the emotional Facebook statuses for you. These emotional quotes Facebook status are updated daily by our team, so you can come back anytime and find new emotional statuses. Feel free to use these emotional fb status for your Facebook account. Like our page for more fun :)

If you want someting you never had you have to do something you never done.

Love your parents instead of love someone else. You can get benefit like you will die natural, you never commit a suicide.

Oh I Am Sorry.I Forgot I Only Exist When You Need Something!!

People cry, not because they are weak, it’s because they have been strong for long.

one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.

When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort – not an excuse!!!!!!

One day you will remember me,one day you will laugh at the memories,one day you will try to find me. But One DAY I WONT Be WAITING For What You Have To Give….

Don’t conform to what society or anybody else thinks is right, Be yourself, nobody has the right to judge you.

A failure is a success only if you learn from the mistakes you did.

Stop looking for a partner. Focus on your goals and rebuilding your life. The right person will eventually find their way to you.

Don’t let the little things get you down, it’s not worth it.

Never let the pain from your past punish your present and paralyze your future.

I’D rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

The difference between CAN and CANNOT are only three letters. Three letter that determine your life direction.

If you born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die poor it’s your mistake.

Hard work is a two way street. You get back exactly what you put in.

When you learn to accept instead of expect, You’ll have fewer disappointments.

Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.

To taste the sweetness of life, you must have the power to forget the past.

You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months analyzing a situation, trying to put the pieces together. Justifying what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve happened. Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move on.