‘Daring Facebook Status’

At this page, you can find daring Facebook statuses. If you are a fearless guy and want to post something adventurous to your Facebook wall, use these Daring Facebook status. We will post more Daring Facebook status, keep an eye. Do like our Facebook page to get daily Facebook status ideas.

I don’t like being interrupted with silence…

Id explain it to you, but I don’t have any crayons with me.

i don’t need easy, i just need possible..

I`m not a bitch, I just have a low bullshit tolerance.

Girl I think it’s best for me to say this, I ain’t no good And your heart ain’t something I should play with

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”

Bitch mode has been activated!!!

That awkward moment when you change your facebook status to ‘single’ and your ex likes it.

Monday is that bitchy girl that just needs to get laid already.

The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart

Hes foaming at the mouth!Mommy hes so cute

There’s more to the truth than just the facts.

I dare you to find a more normal psycho than me.

No one can match the dare of those who fear no failure.

What a man dares to do, he should dare to confess- unless he is a coward

I have lost my mind and I am making no effort to look for it.

It’s quite scary really how horrible girls can be. Sometimes they’re just so spiteful and we’re all bitchy and hurt each other in the end.

That awkward moment when when someone who has hated you forever is suddenly nice to you, and you don’t know how to react.

I’m not being bitchy, I’m just being honest.

Because your inner adventurous ” who do not see the others” if you have faith