‘Clever Facebook Status’

We have a huge list of clever Facebook statuses, which you can use to post on your Facebook account and get lot of likes and comments. These clever Facebook statuses will make everyone laugh and you will become the center of attraction. Keep checking back for more clever Facebook status ideas. Like FB Gags on Facebook for more updates.

A clever, imaginative, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds.

Sarcasm helps keep you from telling people what you really think of them.

Good girls are found on every corner of the earth but unfortunately the earth is round.

Whoever is willing to sacrifice, will always find a suitable altar

Do not confuse the sacrifices with advances

The revenge for your mistakes is the sufferings of your children

Inherited million allows a person to get a good education, a job and self-realization. A transmitted billion kills him and deprives from the meaning of life

The only way to become smarter is to play with more experienced opponent

The longer you live, the longer you inherit from yourself.

The path of the power is an unchanging path

Sometimes no matter how much you want things to happen, all you can do is wait.

People write vaguely if they imagine vaguely

The war begins with imperial ambitions and ends with a national disgrace.

A strong person is the one who can refuse many things

I can’t hang out tomorrow I’m too busy doing nothing alone sorry.

Flattery is a breeding ground for crimes

Any crime has its own morality which justifies it

People wanna see you doing well but not better than them… remember that!

Caprice is a desire without need

Irony is a courage of the weak