‘Clever Facebook Status’

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Somehow it’s easier to live when I throw away garbage

Humanity is not ready to pay the cost of the true freedom

Nobody is born free from sufferings

Poverty is not a vice. If it was, people would not feel shame for it

Work without freedom is a torment

Free will usually intends being free of will

The more the advisers, the less the freedom

What can inspiration do, if there’s no talent?

I am not the moon orbiting around your planet; I am the sun that will burn through your frozen mind.

Cheating is easy …. try something more challenging … like being faithful.

Bad is the plan if it’s not possible to change it

Nature gives birth to a person but only society develops and educates him

The world is empty for an empty person

People wanna see you doing well but not better than them :)

Filled heart cannot choose the right words

Conversation is to distract people from thinking

I always listen to people when they’re angry cause that’s when the truth comes out.

Each person, like the Moon, has his own dark side

Everything you can prove to yourself with the help of logics and science is required by time

Time and money are mostly interchangeable